Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Birthday

Emily stared at Sarah in disbelief. She couldn’t believe her friend had just made this suggestion.

“Say what?”

Sarah blushed and repeated herself. “I want to give Scott a birthday present. And, well, we all joke around… and I know he wouldn’t be opposed… and I’m willing as long as we stick to some… umm… guidelines…”

Emily stammered to come up with a response. She and Sarah were good friends, and she definitely didn’t have a problem with Scott. She’d been attracted to her good friend’s boyfriend for quite some time. But this?

“Sure,” she heard herself say. “I mean… are you sure?”

Sarah gave a nervous laugh and assured the other woman she wanted to do this. They discussed the particular guidelines… then poured themselves a glass of wine to calm their anxiety a bit. As the glasses were nearly empty, Sarah looked at her phone.

“He’ll be home in about 5 minutes.”

Emily took a deep breath, then asked her friend once more if she was sure. Sarah smiled, her anticipation quite a bit less, and hopped up. “I’m sure.” She grabbed Emily’s hand and led her to the bathroom. Silently they began undressing, just finishing when they heard the door shut.

Emily started the shower as Sarah opened the door a little and called out to Scott. “Hey hon? Can you come in here please?” With his “be right there” response, Sarah and Emily both stepped into the shower.

Scott opened the shower door and simply stared.

“Happy birthday,” Sarah said, nervousness and uncertainty creeping into her voice. When Scott still didn’t move other than to look from one naked, wet woman to the other, Emily decided to help her friend out a little. Grabbing the bath sponge, she put some bath soap on it and lathered it a bit before running the sponge over Sarah’s shoulders and arms.

“Are you going to join us?” She asked Scott seductively, gently caressing the sponge of Sarah’s breasts.

“Please?” Sarah added, biting her lower lip.

Sarah took the other sponge and began repeating Emily’s movements, both of them caressing each other.  Scott snapped out of his trance and slipped out of his clothes, his eyes constantly on the two women. Hesitantly, he joined his girlfriend and friend. They moved over to allow him under the shower stream, and both moved their sponges to him, one on each side. Emily dropped her sponge and ran her fingers over his sudsy chest. Sarah dropped hers as well, moving her hands down his stomach, slowly sliding them lower, barely brushing against his very evident arousal.

Scott groaned, running his hands down his girlfriend’s arms, then back up her back, pulling her tight against him. He kissed her hard as Emily moved around behind Sarah, gliding her hands over her body, pressing her breasts into Sarah’s back. Sarah moaned against Scott’s kiss as Emily slipped her hands between them and cupped Sarah’s breasts, lightly teasing the nipples. Scott pulled away to watch the show, then lowered his head to take one nipple in his mouth. His hand reached around both women, grabbing Emily’s ass, pulling her tighter against Sarah.

Sarah whimpered at the attention she was getting, grinding against Scott. He took hold of Emily’s hand and moved it between Sarah’s legs, using his fingers to guide hers in caressing Sarah’s wetness. Sarah rocked against the touch, each breath a whimper. She eagerly grabbed Emily’s other hand and moved it to Scott’s desire. Emily wrapped her fingers around him gently but firmly as Sarah placed her hand over hers, and they started stroking him slowly.

With a desperate groan, Scott reached over and shut off the water, grabbing both women by the hand and leading them to the bedroom. Sarah grinned and pushed him onto the bed. She slid up his chest, murmuring her desire for him. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her up to his face, burying his tongue inside her need. Sarah let out a cry at the sudden invasion, then began rocking against his hungry tongue.

She gave Emily an approving glance over her shoulder, and the other woman quickly moved to between Scott’s thighs. She slid her tongue over the length of his rock hard cock before quickly taking him deep into her mouth. She sucked and caressed him in time with Sarah’s rocking. As Sarah’s moans grew louder, Emily sucked harder, taking him deeper. Just as Sarah’s thigh’s tightened around Scott’s head, Emily felt Scott’s thighs tensing. Scott groaned deep as he came, Emily drinking from him. The vibration of his moan against Sarah was all it took to push her over the edge, and she came with him, his tongue darting deep inside her to taste her.

Breathing heavily, the girls both moved next to him, each laying their head on his chest, both smiling as they wished him a happy birthday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The After-bath Massage

(This is the continuing story of "The Bath Massage")

"Dammit, I want to taste you!" Adam exclaimed against Anna's lips right before kissing her hard again, his fingers still inside her as her orgasm ceased. In frustration, he pulled away from her finally and stood up, pulling her up with him. He kissed her again, thrusting his tongue between her parted lips. He ran his hands over her wet skin, down to her ass, and pulled her tight against him. Anna moaned against his mouth as she felt his hard need pressing against her, and slowly rocked against it.

With a low groan, Adam wrapped his arms under her thighs and lifted her up. Stepping out of the tub, he gently laid her on the floor. Anna barely noticed the cold tile as Adam quickly settled himself on his knees between her thighs. He kissed her again lightly before moving his hungry lips down her neck, to her breasts. He flicked his tongue against one hard nipple, then took it into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it. His hand slid down her wet stomach as he moved to the other breast, repeating his actions. Anna arched her back, pressing her breast against the heat of his mouth. As his hand found that spot between her thighs once again, she whimpered, bringing her hand to the back of his head, lightly urging him to kiss lower.

Adam smiled softly up into her need filled eyes and kissed the center of her chest, then trailed kisses down her stomach until he finally came to where his hand was lightly caressing. His lips and tongue replaced his fingers and she bucked against the heat of his mouth. He sucked and licked at the nub as her hips began to raise off the cold floor. Slipping his hands under her ass, he sucked harder, each moan urging him on. With a cry, she bucked up one last time, tremors going through every inch of her as she came hard. He slipped his tongue inside her, tasting her, as she trembled and slowly came down from her high.

Anna suddenly pushed him away from her and sat up. Without warning, she hungrily brought her head down and took his cock deep into her mouth. Sucking hard a couple times, she pulled him from her and licked and nipped up and down the length of it, before wrapping her lips around it once again. Her tongue swirled around the tip, and then she began to suck again, taking him a little deeper then retreating again and again. Her fingers wrapped around the base and began to stroke him in time with her mouth. His hands went to the back of her head, urging her to continue; urging her to take him deeper. She obliged, the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat, her movements quickening, starving for more.

Adam groaned, one hand moving to grip her shoulder. Anna slowed down, her tongue caressing him as she felt his release starting. She moaned in pleasure, sucking slow and steady as she drank from him, loving the way he shuddered against her.

Pulling her lips from him, she licked the last drop from his cock and smiled up at him. Returning her smile, he laid on the floor, pulling her down to lay against his chest.

"Damn, I'm glad I didn't make you give me that key back."

Anna purred, snuggling in closer to him. "So am I."

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Bath Massage (bad title... but I can't think right now)

Anna slid the key into the lock and paused. She knew this was acting a little crazy and reckless. Pushing those thoughts out of her head, she turned the key and quietly unlocked the door, sneaking into the darkened living room. Her phone buzzed, and she grinned as she read the text message, “Is that a no?”  She quickly typed back “Maybe not” and put her phone on silent as soon as she hit send.

Slipping the phone into her pocket, she made her way down the hallway. She could see the light coming from the bathroom, and silently slid out of her clothes. Again, the realization that she was acting rashly came to mind, but her twisted desire to see his reaction, and her intense desire to feel him against her, drove her forward.

Adam glanced up from tub at the sound of the door opening, his mouth opening in shock, his hands moving to cover himself as he sat up quickly. Doubt momentarily washed over her.

“What… why? I mean…” Adam stammered.

Noting he wasn’t kicking her out yet gave her the courage she needed. “You said you wanted a back massage.” She moved closer to the tub, sliding in behind him. He moved forward a little to give her room, moving his hands to her legs as she placed them around him.

She tried to breathe normally as she felt the heat from him against her; tried to still her suddenly trembling fingers as she brought them to his shoulders. The feel of his bare, wet muscles under her fingers brought forth a soft whimper from her. They sat in silence as she massaged, the need in her growing, her mind shutting off as her desire took control. She moved closer, bringing her hands around him, lightly massaging his chest. Adam’s groan as her breasts pressed closer to his back urged her on and she slid her fingers down to his abs, and lightly kissed his back and neck. The tightening of his hands on her thighs urged her hands to move even lower, brushing over his own desire.

“Anna…” he muttered, partially as a question, partially as a warning. Anna smiled against him as she brushed over him again, then finally wrapped her fingers around him. She whimpered again, kissing and nipping hungrily at his wet skin as she felt how hard and large he was. She stroked him gently, pressing herself more firmly against his back.

In one swift movement, Adam removed her hand and stood. A momentary disappointment washed over her until she realized he was sitting back down, facing her. Adam grabbed her thighs, pulling her against him as his lips came down hard on hers. She slid her hands around him, returning his hungry kiss, lightly sucking on each other’s lips, their tongues dancing against each other. He brought his fingers to her desperate need, sliding a finger in, then another. Water splashed between them as she bucked against his exploring fingers, his touch driving her closer to the edge quicker and more intense than ever before. Each breath was a moan. Her fingers dug into him as, with just a few more thrusts, he pushed her over that edge. 

Friday, October 2, 2015


Sometimes these thoughts grow so loud. The need to be closer, to feel you against me, within me, throughout me. Our souls are so deeply intertwined. I feel your pain and joy as if they are a part of me. I share your desires and fears as you share mine. The need for more echoes through my core, vibrating, tingling, pleading.

We danced once, such a brief mingling, bodies pressed close, heat on heat, ache against ache. That heat has yet to cool. The ache grew, despite the knowledge that we cannot dance again. Yet we did. We could not ignore the silent, strong cries of our bodies and souls. We could not ignore the insistent demands to touch and taste.

I can still taste you on my lips, my tongue. I can still feel your heat, the throbbing against my starving mouth, the quiver against my fingers. I can still remember the look in your eyes, like burning embers. Quiet, yet hotter than any flame, hidden passion wanting to erupt, dancing just under the surface.

I want to dance again. And as much as you may deny it, those embers still burn, still hide just beneath the surface, radiating your heat upon me, pleading for one more dance, for one more chance in my arms, for one more time to feel my tongue and lips and fingers dance against your hard flesh. Dance with me. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Skinny Dipping

Rachel chewed on her fingernails, pacing up and down the dock. She knew it was a bit silly to be so worked up over this simple meeting. Chad had been a friend of hers years ago... more or less. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say they'd been acquaintances. Back then, Rachel had been preoccupied with other people and activities to really pay a whole lot of attention to Chad - although, she did recall he had always been there when she really needed a friend. Twenty years later, this was still true.

She'd called him out of the blue, needing that friendship. And he'd agreed to meet with her. They chose a lake, half-way between their locations. But now, standing on the dock, the cool air causing her light skirt to whisper over her slender calves, she wandered if she should have contacted him.


The sound of his voice started her and she spun around.

"Chad!" She was a bit surprised he actually showed up. She hadn't been sure.

Chad smiled softly at her, moving closer to pull her into a hug. Before he could pull her against him, the nearly concealed bruise on her cheek caught his attention.

"Rachel?" His fingers brushed softly over the mark, "What's going on?"

Rachel swallowed, moving away from his touch. "Nothing..." She saw the concern flash in his eyes. "Please, hon. I... I"m not ready to talk about it..."

She could tell he didn't want to simply let it go, but eventually he smiled at her again and nodded. He pulled her against him.

Rachel hugged him back, her arms wrapping around him. God it felt good to feel his arms around her. How long had she secretly fantasized about this? How long had she longed to feel his arms around her? She let her fingers slide over his back, her breath uneven.

Chad hesitantly pulled himself away from her, placing a tender kiss on her bruised cheek, his hands holding her upper arms as he gazed into her eyes.

A deep bark shattered the spell surrounding them and Rachel shrieked, losing her balance. Instinctively, she reached for Chad, pulling him into the lake with her, the cold water a quick shock to her system. She came up from the water, sputtering, still holding on to Chad. Together, they laughed, treading water. Chad, still laughing, puller Rachel against him, and lowered his lips to her. The kiss was lighthearted, momentarily. Suddenly, it turned more serious, and deeper. His tongue slipped between her lips, dancing against her tongue.

Rachel's hand slipped around his shoulders as she returned his kiss. She'd never felt such a sudden and strong desire inside her. She pulled away, and, while focusing on his gaze, she smiled softly, reaching down to the hem of her shirt, sliding it over her head and throwing it onto the dock. She grabbed Chad's hand, guiding it down her neck and collar bone, down to her breast. Her nipples hardened immediately, loving the feel of him against her. He bent down his head, kissing along her jaw, and lower. His hands grasped her hips, pulling her against him, grinding against his need.

Rachel groaned low in her throat as he pushed his need against her. Oh God, she'd never wanted someone in this way.

Chad moved his lips expertly over the blonde, lapping up the water droplets on her. His hand slid between them, moving up her leg, to the waistband. As he slid a finger under her skirt, brushing against her pantiless self, she groaned. Her soft groan switched to a desperate whimper has he slid a finger inside her. Rachel bucked against his hand, rocking against him,

With his free hand, Chad pulled his own shirt over his shoulders, then pulled Rachel close again. The feel of his rough chest against her sensitive, hungry nipples caused her to whimper. "Chad?"

Chad simply looked deep into her eyes as she slid his hands to the waistband of her skirt. He slipped the thin skirt over her legs and she slid out of it, smiling nervously as he tossed the fabric onto the dock.  She licked a water drop off his neck, up to his ear, as she unbuttoned his jeans. She slipped one hand inside the fabric, and immediately discovered that the cold water had no negative consequence on his anatomy. they both groaned as her fingers wrapped around his hard cock, rocking her smooth, shaved, body against his thigh. The denim was rough against her, exciting her even more. She could feel the pressure starting to build, even from this small amount of contact.

"I need you inside me!" Rachel exclaimed, then suddenly turned red, pulling back from him. "I mean... I'm sorr..."

Chad put his finger over her lips. "I need to be inside you." He whispered, pushing the wet jeans off himself, his gaze never leaving her lust-filled eyes. Her hips bucked against his touch as he slipped a finger over her need, reveling in how wet she was. He pushed his finger into her, holding her as she rocked against him. He slid another finger inside, still watching her. As the pressure built inside her from the expertly delivered thrusts of his fingers inside her, she gripped him tighter, stoking him....

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I shouldn't feel this way. I shouldn't want you this way. I know this. And yet, time and again my thoughts turn lustful when I think of you.

I can't stop imagining you touching me, your tongue flicking against my taut nipples, your fingers gliding over my stomach, finding the spot which is in a constant state of aching wetness.

I can't stop imagining dropping to my knees, freeing you from your jeans, feeling you pulse against my lips as I take you deep inside my hungry mouth. I want to taste you. I want to feel you cum, feel it hit the back of my throat as I drink from you.

I imagine you pushing me roughly against the wall, forcing yourself inside my aching desire, thrusting deep, your breath hot and heavy against my neck. Your fingers probe in that taboo location, filling me, making me scream.

God help me, but the things I would let you do to me are numerous. And ever so wrong.

Even now as I confess, my fingers slip beneath my skirt to touch myself, to try to relieve this ache. But it is your fingers I am imagining... First one, two, then a third, slipping inside me. It is your tongue I imagine flicking against that sensitive spot as I rub it desperately. It is you bringing me closer and closer to release.

Do you feel it to, I wonder? Do you find yourself lost in these same thoughts? Do you fight to keep yourself from throbbing in passionate need when you think of me? Do you give in to the desire, touching yourself while imagining it's me touching you?

What do you think of when you think of me? What would you do to me? With me? What is your confession?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fire and Ice

Absynthe Trinowski sighed, her shoulders slumped as she filled her coffee. It wasn’t that she disliked Bible Study. She just disliked Bible Study with this group of women. They were a very judgmental sort. If it hadn’t been her turn to serve coffee and treats, she would have skipped the study all together – as she did most weeks. She turned to join the other women, pasting a smile on her face.

Just as she settled into her seat, Pastor Thomas Kincaid stepped into the fellowship hall. This was unexpected. Sally, one of the elderly women of the congregation, was supposed to lead the study. Pastor Thomas had only recently been installed as the pastor, and Syn didn’t think he was taking over the group already. Not that she had a problem with it – at least it would give her something to concentrate on.

After the customary introductions, and a bit of small talk, Pastor Thomas instructed the women to open their Bibles. As the Pastor read a few select verses, Syn found her eyes secretly looking him over. He was probably a good fifteen years her senior, but fit. She could tell he took care of his body. His hair had a few grey streaks, but she liked that. She wanted to run her fingers through that hair.

“Absynthe?” the voice of one of the ladies pulled Syn from her thoughts.

“I’m sorry…”

Sally shook her head in disapproval. “It’s your turn to read.”

The pastor leaned over and pointed to where they were at in the study guide. Syn gave him a small apologetic smile and started reading. She realized after the first sentence that this week’s lesson was about sexual sin. She felt a blush creep up her neck as she read about masturbation, oral and anal sex, and other sexual acts. She could feel Thomas’ eyes watching her closely. She read quickly, stopping when the pastor requested.

He thanked her, then asked the next woman to continue the reading. Syn tried to keep her eyes on the reading, but the heat of his stare kept pulling her eyes towards him. She startled as she recognized the fire in her was mirrored in his eyes. She bit her lip nervously, putting her trembling hands in her lap. Thomas reached across her lap, his hand hidden from the view of everyone else, and placed it over her folded ones, squeezing softly.

Absynthe breathed a sigh of relief as the last woman left the church. The pastor had left with a few of the women, so Syn was alone as she began cleaning up.

“Any coffee left?”

Thomas’ voice startled Syn and she dropped the pitcher of ice water on the counter. He laughed, and came around to the kitchen to help her wipe up the mess. Syn stumbled as he accidentally brushed against her. He reached out instinctively to help her, an ice cube still in his hand. She shivered at the combination of warmth and ice against her bare skin. Her eyes locked with his.

As if his hand a mind of its own, it slowly caressed the ice cube up and down the sensitive flesh, gazing down at the short, blonde woman. Syn took a step closer to him, her lower lip quivering. As the ice disappeared, he reached behind him, grabbing another cube. This one he brought to her neck, gliding it over her, drops of water sliding down to her collar bone. Thomas leaned in, lapping up the water. The heat of his tongue brought a whimper from her lips. Her whimper caused him to move the ice lower, sliding it over the swell of her breasts. His other hand slowly pulled the spaghetti straps down her shoulders, and pushed the material down, freeing her breasts from the built in bra of her shirt. Her whimper came on shaky breath as Thomas slid the ice over a nipple, watching it grow taut, torturing her until she could barely stand.

“Please,” she whispered desperately, gazing drunkenly into his eyes. He smiled, lowering his head, taking her nipple into the heat of his mouth, warming it. She cried out, falling into him. She was no longer in control of her actions, her body acting on instinct, her hands sliding under his shirt, her nails raking over his chest.

Thomas cupped her rear, still sucking on her breast as he lifted her onto the counter, pulling her skirt up. He reached around and found another ice cube, pulling away from her to watch her gaze yet again as he slowly slid the black lace panties to the side. He slid the frozen cube over her slit causing her to squirm and moan. He held it against her hard sensitive nub, a smile playing on his lips as she bucked against the ice cube. She’d never experienced anything like this. It was painful, yet she could feel the pleasure building inside. Each breath that escaped her lips was a whimper, a plea. Thomas finally answered that plea, leaning close to her, his breath against her frozen need. His tongue flicked against the nub and she cried out, thrusting against the heat of him. He licked again, wrapping his lips around her swollen flesh.

Syn gripped his shoulders, leaning back to give him better access, her hips raising off the counter and pressing against his burning tongue. Thomas chuckled, pulling away, replacing the heat with the frigid ice again. Syn cried, tears of desperation slipping down her cheek. Her hips rocked against the ice as he pressed it just slightly inside her, then brought his lips down on her against. The battle of heat and cold both acting on her at the same time was too much. Syn screamed, cumming hard as he darted his tongue into her, tasting her.